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Best Pens for Hobonichi Planners to Buy 2022

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Hobonichi is a popular brand known for its wide range of functional planners. All these planners have one thing in common: Tomoe River paper. Although this paper is durable, it’s also thin and smears easily as the ink takes longer to dry.

The TR paper requires enough time to dry. Finding the right pen to write on your Hobonichi planner is essential. With the different types of pens available in the market, knowing which one works best for your planner can be confusing.

Our detailed guide lists some of the best pens you can buy for your Hobonichi planner in 2022.

Top 5 Best Pens For Hobonichi

Some of the best pens for Hobonichi include:

1. The Pilot Kakuno

PILOT Kakuno Fountain Pen
  • Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen: Designed with novice and experienced fountain pen users in mind, the Kakuno features a smiley face on the finely crafted nib to ensure the perfect writing position
  • Variety of Nib Sizes and Colors: The Kakuno comes in a Medium point nib, with red, blue or lime caps and gray barrels. The hexagonal barrel design makes this fountain pen easy to hold

Pilot Kakuno is a fantastic option for scribbling on your Hobonichi planner. The fountain pen has a triangular-shaped grip section that makes it easier to hold while writing.

The budget-friendly pen has an excellent nib that makes writing on any type of paper smooth. Note that the nib sizing may differ, and you’re better off with the Kakuno’s medium nib, which is closer to a western pen brand’s fine nib.

With the nib and feed rotatable, you can easily align the nib to fit your writing style. However, you cannot use Kakuno for reverse writing as it tends to scratch the paper.

You don’t have to worry about the weight of the pen when full of ink as the Pilot Kakuno pen has a lightweight, plastic body that is easy on your hand even with a full ink cartridge.

On the downside, Pilot Kakuno’s cap doesn’t have a clip. Although having the clip makes it easier to keep the pen with the planner while on the move, you can get another pen clip to hold the Kakuno to your planner.

Overall, the Pilot Kakuno is an excellent choice for a Hobonichi planner. Its affordable price tag, features, and ability to deliver a smooth writing experience without smearing or bleeding make it one of the best pens to purchase.


  • Works for both beginner and experienced fountain pen users
  • Has a well-crafted nib for easy writing
  • Easy to hold
  • Affordable


  • The cap doesn’t come with a clip

2. Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen

The Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen is a must-have if you’re looking for a pen that can write tightly and finely on your Hobonichi Planner.

The hybrid pen features a sporty pattern rubber grip and a plastic body with the front clip and tip. Its quick-drying ink means that you don’t have to worry about the pen smudging or smearing ink to the opposite page.

You may notice that some low-viscosity ballpoint pens feel slippery on TR paper. However, the Pilot Acroball pen provides the right grip that is a balance of some resistance and smoothness.

Previous users loved the rubbery grip that works best for long writing sessions and overall build quality. This ballpoint pen is also a perfect choice for left-handed people as it’s simple and comfortable to use.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and simple to use even for left-handers
  • Delivers smooth writing
  • Ideal for long writing sessions
  • Provides a good grip
  • The ballpoint pen doesn’t smudge on TR paper


  • Some previous users felt that the ink quality was different

3. The Pilot FriXion

Pilot Frixion ColorSticks Erasable Gel Ink Pens
  • Stress-Free Writing: Write, draw, erase & rewrite repeatedly without damaging your documents & illustrations; Unique thermo-sensitive ink disappears completely with erasing friction
  • Streamlined Design: The lightweight, capped, clipless pen features a slim, non-rolling barrel design; Vibrant, erasable gel ink adds a touch of creativity & style to everyday tasks; Assortment of multicolored pens in 1 convenient pack

Mistakes happen when scribbling and sometimes you may need to erase the writing without using white-out or having to cross out the world.

The Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Ink Pen seeks to make your work easier when writing on your Hobonichi planner. The pens are available in different colors and come with a plastic pocket clip. These pens are made of plastic and are lightweight, yet comfortable to hold when writing.

You can also use the pocket clip to extend the tip

Previous users love how the ink flows evenly and the tip feels smooth on paper.

If you’d like to erase something, you need to rub the tip across the letters like you would with a regular eraser and the ink will disappear. Additionally, you won’t be left with eraser crumbs on your paper or ink residue on the tip.


  • Write smoothly without skipping or sticking
  • The pen erases cleanly without leaving crumbs
  • Provides a rubbery grip that is comfortable and well balanced
  • Available in different point sizes and styles


  • Some people thought the ink colors were too light
  • Not ideal when writing in the summer

4. Pilot Dr. Grip Refillable and Retractable Gel Ink Fine Point Pen

Pilot Dr. Grip Refillable and Retractable Gel Ink Fine Point Pen
  • PILOT DR. GRIP: This smooth-writing ergonomic ballpoint pen features our smear-resistant Advanced Ink & a wide barrel with an ergonomic, latex-free cushioned grip to help reduce writing stress.
  • ERGONOMIC PEN: Commended for ease-of-use by the Arthritis Foundation, Pilot’s Dr. Grip Ballpoint pen comes in medium & fine point & is available in blue, black, or red smear-resistant ink.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic ballpoint with smear-resistant ink, you should check out the Pilot Dr. Grip Refillable and Retractable gel Ink Fine Point Pen.  You can now enjoy writing on your planner without getting tired thanks to the cushioned grip.

The pen is available in a medium and fine point. It’s also available in different ink shades like red, black, and blue.

Additionally, Dr. Grip’s fine point pen delivers a smooth writing experience that you can rely on.


  • Has a rich color for easy readability
  • It comes with a cushioned grip to reduce writing fatigue
  • A fine tip that delivers crisp lines
  • Delivers smooth writing
  • Comes with a pocket clip for portability
  • Saves you money as you can refill the ink


  • Some users felt that the ink skips out often

5. Copic Multiliner Pen

Featuring an aluminum body with replaceable tips, the Copic Multiliner SP Pen is another pen great for drawing and writing with on your Hobonichi planner.

While the aluminum construction may scare you at first, you’ll find the pen light and comfortable to hold for extended periods of writing. Furthermore, the ink is marker-proof and waterproof. You’ll love the quality of writing the tip delivers. The ink is refillable and you can replace the tips.


  • Comes with refillable and replaceable nibs
  • The ultra-fine point delivers detailed writing like thin lines
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use when drawing or writing
  • Durable aluminum construction


  • Some users discovered that the ink runs out fast

6. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Charcoal – Fine
  • Charcoal Black ABS coloured plastic body
  • Black coated steel nib; fine point
  • Includes one Lamy T10 Blue Cartridge
  • Accepts Z24 cartridge converter, sold separately.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen comes with a black ABS-colored plastic body and it’s available in multiple colors. These pens come with interchangeable nibs, which allows you to experiment with the extra-fine and fine sizes.

Additionally, the pen comes with a refillable reservoir that uses suction to fill up from an ink bottle. You’ll love how smooth the pen writes on TR paper and the nib slides on the page without any scratches.

The inexpensive pen has two curved sides and two flat sides that can make gripping a challenge for some people.


  • Available in multiple colors and nib sizes
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Excellent and smooth writing without scratches


  • The triangular nib doesn’t work for most people
  • The plastic body isn’t durable
  • Has a small ink reservoir

Final Thoughts

Getting the right pen for a Hobonichi planner ensures that you don’t leave smudges all over the pages and you get to enjoy a smooth writing experience for extended periods.

Although some of our listed pens are costly, they deliver intricate details and you can also use them for drawing and sketching. Avoid pointed pens as they can leave scratches.

With a good pen, you can focus on being creative and artistic with whatever you do on your planner.

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