What to Include In a Home Management Binder

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The concept of keeping a home management binder can be likened to keeping a detailed user manual for your family life. Having to keep track of all the little details concerning your family and your home without any help can get overwhelming at times.

The use of a home management binder to keep important house information organized could be the best decision you’ll make for your home.

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What is a Home Management Binder?

A home management binder refers to either a physical three-ring binder or a digital equivalent that contains important documents and information about your family life. The home management binder, also called a household binder, is a complete plan for your family.

A home management binder provides an at-a-glance overview of your family life and a tangible record of what life includes for your family. This binder also provides a detailed reference for relatives or sitters who may need to access information while at your home.

What are the Benefits of Keeping a Home Management Binder?

Think of a household binder as the family command center, where everyone knows that’s the place to get any important information.

There are endless benefits of keeping a household binder. Below are some of the most important reasons to keep a household binder around:

Every piece of information is in one place

With a household binder, everything is located in one place. Personal information, important phone numbers, grocery lists, maintenance calendars, and everything that concerns your family is located in this big book. It is relatively easy to reference related tasks, access them and plan accordingly.

You don’t have to keep putting out single lists and misplacing them. You also don’t have to search the whole house to get a piece of information that would’ve been sitting pretty in the home management binder.

Family involvement

A well-constructed household binder will ensure that the entire family can access all of the information in the binder and use it to improve the organization of the family.

Now when a member of the family wants to write down a piece of useful information or add a few things to the grocery list, they know just where to go. It’s a huge time saver and helps improve communication.

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Goal setting and follow-up

Do you remember all the little goals and tasks that you kept in a little corner of your mind and swore that you were going to complete but you couldn’t even recall at the end of the day? I’m sure you do. This is a very good reason to keep a household binder around.

If every goal is not written down and is left to just float around in your head, it may get forgotten. The use of a home management binder can help you declutter your mind and set a plan to effectively carry out your goals.

Other reasons to use a home management binder include:

  • It serves as a reference book to keep the home running smoothly
  • It helps keep track of home maintenance tasks and seasonal jobs
  • It helps store important references that you may need later
  • It becomes a place to find important home goals and priorities
  • It helps you plan your week and manage your time

What to Include in a Home Management Binder

There is no perfect way to create a home management binder. The beauty of a household binder is that you can personalize it and put as little or as many categories in it as you wish.

The key is to create it in such a way that it helps run your household more efficiently. Here are some things you can consider adding to your home management binder:

Important family and friends’ information

  • Personal information including medical history, allergies, medicines, social security numbers
  • School schedules and activity dates
  • School contact information
  • Kids’ schedules and chore chart
  • Babysitter information
  • Pet information
  • Birthday calendar

Chores category

  • Cleaning schedule and checklist including daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks
  • Laundry schedule and checklist 
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Easy dinner recipes
  • Weekly meal schedule
  • Grocery checklist
  • Possible allergies
  • Food menu and diary
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Home maintenance category

  • Maintenance schedule
  • Maintenance contacts and references
  • Detailed warranty log
  • Home valuables inventory
  • Maintenance jobs and checklist

Health and medical category

  • Emergency medical information
  • Medical contacts and references log
  • Health insurance details
  • Family medical history, blood pressure tracker
  • Medical appointment schedule

Financial information category

  • Monthly and yearly budget
  • Weekly and monthly spending trackers
  • Monthly bill payment schedule
  • Income inventory
  • Monthly expense sheet: grocery bill, vehicle bill, health bill, clothing bill, debt payments, miscellaneous.
  • Credit card, bank account information
  • Savings tracker

Holidays calendar

  • Vacation planner
  • Pre-holiday checklist
  • Possible gift ideas
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Helpful Tips to Make the Best of Your Home Management Binder

  1. Start by listing all the home management tasks that are out of control.
  2. Store your household binder in an easy-to-access place.
  3. Pick categories that will help you stay organized.
  4. Use possible tabs to make each section easy to find.
  5. Keep in mind that a home management binder should be specific to you and your family.
  6. If you are new to the whole system, try using a home management planner printable for a start.
  7. Customize your binder and make it fun for you.

Final Thoughts

A home management binder is a great addition to a home. Some things you can include in a home management binder include personal information of family and close friends, medical records, holiday calendars, budget information, and many others.

A home management binder is usually customized to suit an individual family’s needs.


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