14 Simple Ways to Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes

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When you make a mistake in your bullet journal, you may become frustrated and begin to contemplate starting all over. Thankfully, you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes in your bullet journal since there are several ways to fix them.

Below, we discuss simple ways to help you fix bullet journal mistakes. These little tips will help you correct bullet journal mistakes with ease.

Use White Out

Using white-out is a popular method for fixing mistakes in a bullet journal. It is easy to use and perfect for covering up small or large errors.

White-out is available as correction fluid and correction pen. The correction pen is ideal for correcting small errors, while the correction fluid is perfect for covering large errors. When applying white-out to your bullet journal, ensure you dab it in controlled, successive layers to avoid making a mess with the liquid.

Use Correction Tape

Correction tape is another popular method for fixing bullet journal mistakes. And unlike white-out fluid, you don’t have to wait for it to dry before you continue writing. It is also tidy and barely noticeable.

Correction tape allows you to cover more surface area than a white-out or white gel pen. However, because it has a rigid casing, it is a bit tough to handle. It is always a good idea to have one on standby in your stationery kit.

When fixing mistakes with correction tape, place it on the paper and drag it. Avoid changing directions to ensure the application is smooth. If you notice any frayed or lifted edges, ensure you pat them down gently with your finger.

correction tape on white background

A White Gel Pen

A white gel pen is another popular option for fixing bullet journal mistakes. This tool comes in handy, especially when you do not have correction tape or white-out fluid. It is easily the best tool for fixing small errors in your journal. Since it is a pen, you have more control when you apply it.

The ink of this pen is slightly translucent, so it takes several applications before you can fully cover a mistake. When covering mistakes with the white gel pen, gently go over the affected area in a controlled manner and don’t just scribble over it. Ensure each layer of ink is dry before you apply another.

Once you successfully cover the mistake, let the ink dry before writing on it to avoid smudges.

Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is another good option for fixing your bullet journal mistakes. You can use it for decorating your journal and covering mistakes. It is the perfect tool for covering up mistakes, especially large ones.

There are some mistakes you cannot fix with white-out. In such instances, simply cover it with a piece of washi tape.

When choosing washi tapes, ensure you opt for darker or metallic washi tapes. Washi tapes are usually semi-transparent and may not cover up the errors completely.

Washi Tape Collection on pink background

Getting Rid of the Page

Getting rid of the page might seem drastic, but there are some mistakes you just can’t cover up. However, only use this option as a last resort.

If you start removing pages after every mistake, you will have no pages left to write on.

Also, constantly removing pages will ruin the binding of your journal.

Tape Two Pages Together

If you don’t like the idea of tearing out the page, you can choose to stick two pages together. It means you lose two pages instead of the four you lose when you tear the pages out.

When you stick two pages together, ensure the pages are vertical and not on one side. It ensures the edges are well aligned, and the taping is less noticeable.

Cover the Page With a Print-Out

Covering the entire page with a large print-out is another easy way of fixing a bullet journal mistake. All you do is glue a large print-out on the page with errors. You can also create a new spread on the new layer.

Ensure your print-out is opaque enough to hide any mistake underneath. If it is not opaque enough, you will have a situation called ghosting. This is where things on one side become visible on the other because the paper is too thin.

Also, your print-out does not have to fit the exact dimensions of your journal. You can decide to rip the sides of the print-out to give it an extra aesthetic effect.

Use Stickers

Another quick and easy way of fixing bullet journal mistakes is with stickers. You can use stickers to cover misspelled words, marker streaks, or paper bleeds.

Stickers are available in a variety of styles and designs. So, you can choose the one that looks good and suits your page.

woman putting plan stickers on her journal


Acrylographs are another excellent solution for fixing bullet journal mistakes. They are perfect for both small and large errors. The best part about using acrylographs is that you do not have to worry about the type of paper you are using.

You can use acrylographs as a patch or draw them over your mistakes. Since they are opaque, you can easily turn your mistakes into something entirely different. They are also easy to layer, making it easy to draw a picture or color a whole section.

Create a Collage

Regardless of the size of the mistake, you can become creative and cover it up with a collage. You can use stamps, magazine cutouts, tickets, or photos to turn the error into one fun and creative collage. This is one of the best bullet journal mistake fixes, and no one will even notice there was ever a mistake.

floral themed journal

Turn the Pages Into Something Else

You can choose to use the page with the mistake differently and become a little creative. You can fold it and turn it into a tiny pocket. You can also decide to attach an envelope to the page and turn it into a form of storage.

Incorporate the Mistake Into Something Else

Another way you can fix a bullet journal mistake is to make it part of the design. For instance, if you draw a line extending a little too far, you can turn it into something else. You can add a pattern, some doodles, or make the lines look wonky.

Color Over the Mistake

Coloring over the mistake is another easy way of fixing bullet journal mistakes. You can choose from several colored inks or thick metallic pens to conceal any error. You can cover mistakes by scribbling in a cartoonish text bubble or filling in a solid shape.

When using this method to cover up mistakes, you transfer a lot of ink or pigment to the page. So, ensure the marker you opt for uses a non-bleed material.

Also, to ensure you completely conceal the error, use an opaque color. Before you cover the mistake, ensure you test your selection on a separate piece of paper like the one in your journal.

woman drawing on her journal with scissor and flower on the table

Use Textured or Patterned Paper

Using textured or patterned paper is another easy and fun way to cover up mistakes.

For instance, if there is a mistake in your header, you can cover it with a piece of patterned paper. You can rip the sides to give it that extra effect. You can also place a plain piece of paper over it and rewrite your header.

When you use patterned paper, you get the opportunity to make a fresh spread. You can decide to keep it simple by covering the mistake with dull brown paper and washi tape. If there are other mistakes on the page, cover them up with a piece of paper and do something fun with it.


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