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9 Must-See Spring Bullet Journal Ideas to Try Out in 2022

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Bullet journals have been becoming very popular recently. Some people enjoy the fact that they can create whatever comes to mind on the dotted little pages. However, if you are new to the bullet journal life, it might be hard to come up with things on your own.

The way you use a bullet journal is entirely up to you! You can create anything that comes to mind, whether it be your schedule, a tracking sheet, to-do lists, or seemingly random thoughts that come into mind. You can customize your bullet journal however you see fit!

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If you are just starting to use a bullet journal, using it as a planner and or calendar might be the first option you think of.

It can be super convenient to create your own personalized version of a calendar. Maybe you like to have more room to write down events during a single day rather than cramming a week’s worth of events into one tiny block.

You can try all sorts of different variations of a calendar and come up with a unique one of your own. Or you can look up outlines to follow for the first couple of times so you can get the hang of things.


There are many different versions of what a person’s day might look like, which is why there are many different ways to go about creating a daily schedule. Time might be an important thing to note.

Sectioning the page off into hour blocks could be helpful to some, but less important to others. Either way, write down what needs to be done during the day and have fun with the creating process!


A weekly schedule is similar to a daily one in the sense that there are multiple ways to go about creating a personalized one. Some people use two pages to create a more spacious look, whereas some people might not need that much room.

Mess around with different versions or create your own interesting design!

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Tracking Sheets

Creating a tracking sheet is one of the simplest types of bullet journaling, the only thing you’d really have to stress about is whether or not it looks visually appealing. You can use different colors or patterns to personalize your tracking sheets or you can keep it as basic and easy as possible.

There are many things you can keep track of, it all comes down to what’s the most important thing to you.

Water Intake

Keeping track of the amount of water you drink can be a good trial run to see if you like using your bullet journal to track things. Also, drinking enough water is very important!

It might be fun to add a little bit of color to your sheet or interesting water sketches. Either way, make sure you are drinking a healthy amount of water; typically 8-10 cups a day!

Sleeping Hours

The amount of hours you sleep during the night is also very important. Keeping track of your sleeping habits can be very useful.

If you notice that you have been feeling super drowsy lately, taking a look at your sleep habits might allow you to wake up and realize that you need more or less sleep! 7-9 hours of sleep is a good range to aim for.

Moods/How Your Day Was

Keeping track of your moods might seem like a juvenile thing to do, but it can actually be eye-opening. While reflecting on how your day was or how you are currently feeling, you can consider why you feel the way you do.

You can use colors to symbolize the mood you are in or how your day was. You can use a page and fill in one box per day and soon enough you have an art piece!

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To-Do Lists

Writing down your to-do list might seem mundane and boring, however, you have the power to make it more interesting!

You can make the interesting banner style titles and designs on the page to make it look more visually appealing which might make you look at the list and get things done!


Because bullet journals are completely blank aside from the small dots throughout the page, you have the freedom to do whatever design comes to mind.

However, you might not have that much freedom during your day which is why you have to create a to-do list for your tasks and or chores. You can categorize your tasks from easy to hard and accomplish them as you see fit.

Shopping List

Shopping lists are great for consistent items, which is why this type of bullet journal list has the ability to be super visually appealing. You can either write down the item, draw it, or both! This is a good page to test your art skills.

Maybe you could even try watching a YouTube video for the sake of making this page look good. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new!

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Personal Thoughts

All of the options that have been listed above have been pretty straightforward so far. However, your personal thoughts are your personal thoughts.

As mentioned before, bullet journals are completely empty and the options are seemingly limitless. You can draw, write, scribble, sketch, anything that comes to mind.

Movies/Book Reviews

If movies and or books are something you are interested in, then why not take the time to come up with a little review and a summary-type journal entry? You can also add interesting stickers or drawings that have to do with the plots. You could add a rating system and maybe even start your own interesting blog!

Favorite Things

The things you like might change as you grow, writing down the things that you love might be a fun thing to look back on to see how your tastes have changed or for a bit of nostalgia. Whatever you deem important enough to write down is worth writing. You could mention your favorite books, movies, color you name it!

Bullet Journals are Limitless

There are so many interesting ways to use a single empty journal with small little dots in it. This is a journal meant for creative people and if you don’t think you are one of those people, you can become one!

Start off by trying other people’s templates and then you can grow into your own type of bullet journaler. You can use bullet journals for scheduling, tracking, reminding, and journaling.

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